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The Women's Self-Care Summit 


This experiential self-care home retreat is for professional women who want to grow personally and professionally, claim their seat at the table, and create a fulfilling career and life without burning out! 

March 15  *  June 14  *  October 18, 2024 



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Restore Your Energy 

Let go and reconnect with your physical, intellectual, spiritual, and intuitive energy sources. Get fired up to lead, and feel renewed and excited about doing things outside the box and getting creative.

Recharge Your Vision

Relax and recharge with a clear focus on the things that matter most at work and in life. Communicate your vision and purpose. Renew your passion for the values you bring as a leader within an empowering community of women.



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Replenish Your Resources

Raise your vibration and experience a surge and rebirth as the leader of your team and family. Gain a new excitement about why you do what you do in supporting your organization and the people you care about daily.



Lori E.

Oct '23

“The Women's Self-Care Summit is a great way to pause and reflect on us as individuals and our progress. It helps us slow down to see what we can improve, become more aware, and plan ahead. I will continue to pause, which is important to clear our minds, get ideas, and find new opportunities. The Summit is a great opportunity to meet new people, see things with a different lens, become more self-aware, and work more efficiently.” Lori E., Oct. 20, '23   

Lorena S.

Oct '23

“The Women's Self-Care Summit was a beautiful session to connect with other women on this journey, to share our path, and to reconnect with ourselves. The connection to the group was so positive. To listen to everyone and to receive their messages was so powerful. I will ensure I make time for the IGS (Internal Guidance System) practice and continue to replenish myself daily. This is now non-negotiable. The WSCS is valuable time spent with Dr. Ginny and a tribe of heartfelt women. You will get what you are personally looking for. Ginny’s purposefully scheduled event will give you the tools and the gift of sharing a moment with the goddess within yourself.”

Debbie R.

Oct '23 - 6th retreat!

I enjoyed connecting with the other goddesses during the Women's Self-Care Summit. It was a great reminder that we are not alone. I always feel inspired by the Summits. I enjoyed learning the new practices of “STOP,” affirmations, and awareness with Chakra alignment. The “STOP” practice will be a game-changer! Going forward, I will remember to “be where your feet are”- to be present in the moment. I will add more meditation to my self-care routine to help me focus and recharge. I would describe the summit as a collection of amazing women connecting, learning, and being inspired by one another.” 

  •  As an impact-driven woman, prioritizing self-care is vital to enjoying mental health, avoiding physical and emotional breakdowns, and supporting our loved ones and teams with energy, joy, and purpose. 
  • As an employer, when you sponsor your high-performing female employees to engage in our 1-day home self-care retreats, they will appreciate that you care about their well-being. 

  • For us and our guests, the Women's Self-Care Summit provides the safe space and structure that allows us to set aside 6 hours on a Friday to intentionally and proactively manage stress, anxiety, fatigue, etc., and restore, recharge, and replenish in an empowering community of peers.

  •  Our members are talented, driven women and leaders on a similar mission--to deliver business value, grow, advance, develop high-performing teams, and create a fulfilling career and life without burning out. 

If this sounds like you, join us! And as an employer invite and sponsor extraordinary women in your organization to attend.

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Key Benefits of Owning Your Self-Care

from the comfort of your home...

Best practice shows that wellness programs, mental health resources, and encouraging healthy habits contribute to a more productive and engaged workforce.

  •  Employees who care for their physical and mental health are generally happier, more productive, and more engaged in their work.
  • They tend to have fewer absences due to illness or stress-related issues, which means greater productivity and lower healthcare costs for the company as a whole.
  • A company that prioritizes self-care and brain health can attract and retain top talent by creating a positive and supportive work culture. 


Bring the virtual Women's Self-Care Summit to your company and create a branded experience. Let's connect!

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Burnout Impacts All of Us

According to the McKinsey Health Institute (MHI), burnout is often correlated with anxiety and depression, and is characterized by extreme tiredness, difficulty concentrating, and difficulty with cognitive and emotional processes. 

A growing body of evidence shows how burnout leads to costly organizational issues such as attrition, high levels of employee turnover, absenteeism, lower engagement, and decreased productivity. 

Employees cite a lack of social support at work as one of the sources of burnout, in addition to a toxic culture and unrealistic work demands.

The Mind, Body & Spirit Connection

According to the McKinsey Health Institute (MHI), burnout is characterized and often correlated with anxiety and depression, extreme tiredness, difficulty concentrating, and difficulty with cognitive and emotional processes. The MHI recommends addressing mental health first to improve health holistically. They learned that mental health impacts physical, social, and spiritual health. This finding indicates that we can't have good overall health without good mental health.

At the three Women's Self-Care Summit retreats, we create the space to intentionally practice self-care habits weekly from home in an empowering community of female peers, providing essential social support that promotes excellent mental, physical, and spiritual health and well-being. 

What Can We All Do About It?

Experts, such as Shekhar Saxena, MD(1), agree. It's timely to talk about mental health and be thoughtful about providing the type of ongoing support our people need, with an emphasis on prevention, protection, and promotion of mental health. 

It's meaningful and beneficial to care for our own mental health and provide our employees with guidance for self-care and for helping others. Dr. Saxena indicates we need to look at how to support mental health in the workplace in an environment that does not stigmatize. 

(1) McKinsey Health Institute, When it comes to mental health, all countries are developing countries, Aug. 1, 2022


Say "Yes!" and treat yourself to a unique virtual experience. 


Immerse in a one-of-a-kind self-care experience right from the comfort of your own home, without the need to travel, any inconveniences, or any extra expenses.  

Total Well Being

Individuals who engage in self-care activities experience a 50% reduction in stress levels compared to those who don't prioritize self-care. This highlights the positive impact that self-care can have on mental well-being and overall productivity (APA).

Personal Growth

Discover a path to holistic well-being through empowering connections, reflections, and guided meditations. Immerse yourself in our curated personal growth and discovery content to cultivate resilience and combat burnout. Experience the transformative power of self-care on your journey to a healthier, happier you.

Restore, Recharge, Replenish

Indulge in rejuvenating home spa treatments, embrace peaceful outdoor activities, and benefit from expert wellness guidance during your home retreat, allowing you to restore, recharge, and replenish your mind and body.

  • Inspiring human connections with peers
  • Self-reflections and guided meditations
  • Curated personal growth and discovery content
  • Mindful outdoor adventures
  • Access to award-winning wellness guides
  • Creative home spa treatments
  • A safe space to "let go" and re-focus
  • Ample time to restore, recharge, and replenish
  • Tears of laughter or release...
  • A surprise or two!


Employee Sponsors 

Recognize and show how much you value the contributions of high-performing team members, extraordinary women who consistently go above and beyond to support the team. Let's talk!

Consider sponsoring your top leaders of support teams, Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), affinity teams, HR functions, etc.

Let's connect to discuss exclusive and convenient VIP packages by setting up a cyber-coffee or email us directly at [email protected].


Amanda M.

September '22

"Before attending my first self-care retreat, I felt stuck in a spiral of burning myself out in an effort to be the perfect employee, daughter, friend, etc. After attending the summit, I feel it is critical to step back and prioritize my own self-care so that I can then show up in every area of my life as my whole self. Thank you, Coach Ginny! You are honestly a blessing in my life. I am so glad to have joined the retreat today and am forever grateful to you and all that you do." 

Lorna P.

May '22

“Before attending the self-care retreat, I felt as if I was unraveling. I was unfocused, disorganized, overwhelmed, and anxious. I was feeling misguided, low energy, and down about myself. After attending Ginny’s self-care retreat, I feel renewed and centered. I’m happier and have a sense of lightness. I feel more in control of my emotions and actions. I am focused on my next steps, I’m clearer about my goals and what’s most important to me. I feel safe, accepted, supported, and loved!” 

Lavette B.

June '23

“When I arrived at the Summit, I was a little anxious and excited about what the day would be like. I wasn’t sure if I could commit to not multitasking. I loved the meditations, which allowed me to really relax. What surprised me was the connecting themes among all the women. I feel invigorated and have a sense of joy that I was able to experience today. I need more days where I focus on my self-care on this level.”  

A sample of ExecutiveBound's trusted  partners...


Meet Your Hosts & Self-Care Journey Partners

We welcome you with an open heart and mind.

Dr. Ginny A. Baro

"Self-care is not a luxury; it must be a lifestyle. My colleague and friend, Sensei Victoria, and I are committed to sharing the gift of self-care virtually with people, women, and leaders worldwide."


DR. GINNY A. BARO, Ph.D., MBA, MS, CPC, CEO, ExecutiveBound.com, immigrated to the U.S. at age 14 with nothing more than a dream. Today, she is an award-winning international transformational speaker & leadership coach, career strategist, and #1 bestselling author of Healing Leadership and Fearless Women at Work. Named one of the Top 100 Global Thought Leaders, Dr. Baro has successfully led self-care retreats and delivered keynotes, leadership training, and coaching programs for organizations, ERGs, and Fortune 500 companies. She's been an external Leadership Coach for the McKinsey & Company Hispanic/Latino Executive Program since 2021. Leveraging over 20 years of corporate leadership experience, in 2020, Dr. Baro created the Women's Fearless Leadership Mastermind to support underestimated women worldwide--who feel they've had to claw their way to the top, want to claim their seat at the table and create a fulfilling life without burning out. They gain critical leadership skills to lead themselves, lead, engage, and influence others, and implement with support. They develop high-performing teams confidently, deliver business growth, and cultivate a culture of well-being. Dr. Baro earned a Ph.D. in Information Systems, an MS in Computer Science, an MBA in Management, and a BA in Computer Science and Economics, and she is a Certified Professional Coach (CPC). To learn more, please visit www.ExecutiveBound.com.

Sensei Victoria Whitfield

"Your energy is everything, especially in business."

As the world's first Business Reiki Master™ and hostess of the 5-star rated Journeypreneur Podcast on iTunes, Sensei Victoria Whitfield helps empathic entrepreneurs and leaders stay grounded and clear as they navigate the emotional rollercoaster of business development by using the power of strategic meditation. She loves getting up on stage and presenting talks on personal transformation, business culture, and unity. Speaking on stage is one of her most important platforms for making a difference in this world and elevating humanity. Since 2010, Sensei Victoria has hosted quarterly, multi-day strategic vision and self-care retreats for professionals practicing mindful leadership. She is a published author and a thriving energy healer, who has toured the world showing heart-centered and growth-minded leaders how to connect to their Natural Intuition and truly be #Visionary, so they can work less and increase their impact. To learn more, visit www.naturalintuition.com.

Here's how our virtual self-care retreat members felt.


Now it's your turn!


When you think, "I don't have the time for this," that's when you know you must commit this time to your self-care, pronto!  

You're not alone--other women like you struggle to carve out the time for ourselves.

We've learned that unless we take a stand, who will?

You deserve a safe community to restore, recharge, and replenish with other caring, talented, like-minded women.

By devoting three days a year to your 1-day home spa retreats, you create a soft landing and set yourself up for success. That's really smart! 

Join us by reserving your VIP seats today.

Kristy S., March '23

“Before attending the Summit 2023, I felt scattered, exhausted, and overwhelmed. I wanted to do everything for everyone in every direction. Now, I feel Invigorated, inspired, and creative. I have new ideas and tools for giving myself the space to calm and center. I can see the direction that truly speaks to me. I enjoyed a playful, supportive, connected experience with amazing ExecutiveBound goddesses!!” 


Sample Itinerary 

  • 10:00 – 10:30 AM ET:  WELCOME! & GUIDED MEDITATION
  • 11:40 – 12:30 PM ET:   LETTING GO & RELEASE CEREMONY


Plan to take off from work. This will be a "Self-Care Day." Create a private, comfortable home retreat space, a gift to yourself. Bring the self-reflection sheets we’ll email you, a retreat journal, a pen, fun/inspirational stickers if you have them, and your home spa treatment, i.e., a detoxifying/hydrating face mask (from your local beauty supply or Amazon, for example). Find throws and pillows you love, a laptop or PC & headphones if needed for privacy. Dress very comfortably as you would for a home spa experience.


We meet via Zoom from your own confy space and will be together for six hours in total with a luxurious 2-hr lunch/dinner break, a mindful nature adventure and a home spa treatment.

"A rising tide lifts all boats."


Let's change lives together! 

At ExecutiveBound and Natural Intuition... 

We partner with charitable and non-profit organizations to uplift those in need and women worldwide in caring for their bodies, minds, and spirits. For every woman who joins the World Self-Care Summit, we will donate 20 meals through Feeding America and grant scholarships for women without the financial resources to attend the Summit. This mission is about uplifting and caring for each other as we fulfill our full potential, regardless of economic status. 

We're limiting attendance to ensure a quality experience for all members. Please don't wait to claim your seats.


Get in touch...

Choosing to prioritize yourself and embark on this self-care journey can seem unattainable. Let's connect and address any questions, ensuring you select the Summit experience best suited to your needs.

Organizations sponsoring and rewarding high-performing female leaders can learn more about our group program options to support their brain health and well-being throughout the year.

Please email us at [email protected] or schedule a cyber-coffee over Zoom to connect with us.

To learn more about our programs and services, please visit www.executivebound.com.

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Please select the best day/time that works with your schedule.

If you can't find an agreeable spot, please email us at [email protected].

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