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with Dr. Ginny A. Baro 

Feeling like an underestimated woman who has clawed her way to the top? WELCOME HOME!
Let's engage together in actionable, results-driven leadership training, coaching, and a supportive community of talented peers! 
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 Gain critical leadership skills that deliver business growth, high-performing teams, and personal well-being!

You will learn a proven framework and roadmap for developing critical leadership skills with professional guidance and in a supportive environment.

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 Who Should Enroll?

  • High-potential, talented mid-level to senior-level female leaders in corporate roles, STEM fields, financial services, Fortune 500 companies, and Women Techmakers community members.
  • Open-minded female leaders willing to engage in live group coaching and discussions, workbook exercises, share resources, and contribute to their peers throughout the Mastermind.
  • Women and leaders who have felt underestimated, who've had to claw their way to the top, who want to serve and claim their seat at the table, and who want to create a fulfilling career and life.
  • Female leaders who have struggled and feel ready to grow and apply proven strategies to overcome common challenges, including self-doubt, fear of failure, lack of confidence, negative self-talk, perfectionism, uncertainty, lack of guidance, imposter syndrome, feeling undervalued, and so on!


6-Month Virtual Mastermind + Monthly check-ins for the next 6 months 
The Women's Fearless Leadership Mastermind


January 15, 2024 - June 17, 2024, Every two weeks
12:00 – 1:00 PM ET
Over Zoom



You have untapped potential. We believe in you and are here to help you unleash it, claim  your seat at the table, and create a fulfilling life!

Live, Virtual

 Women' Fearless Leadership Mastermind

Starts January 15, 2024, @ 12 - 1 P M ET

Over $35,000 in value!


WARNING: Save your VIP seat today!


Before we reach full capacity and close down registration.


Now’s The Time to Act and Prepare for your fulfilling career and life!

Ready to get personalized training in only 6 months?


Learn from Dr. Ginny A. Baro, with a proven leadership career record, and other “high-achieving” female leaders ready to sky-rocket their careers and potential!


Access the same strategies and frameworks we teach our clients and female leaders at Fortune 500 companies to break boundaries and pursue their career vision confidently!


Why You CANNOT Afford to Miss This  Mastermind with Leadership Retooling Lessons

Pilar 1: Self-Leadership 

Our members cultivate self-confidence and believe in their abilities. This involves recognizing their strengths, celebrating their achievements, and embracing their unique qualities and zone of genius. By developing a strong sense of self-leadership and self-belief, women can overcome self-doubt and harness the confidence and resilience needed to succeed in their professional endeavors.

You’ll walk away with new tools and strategies to:

  • Position yourself for successunderstand your unique value proposition and personal brand, and confidently deliver on business objectives and yearly goals.
  • Develop emotional intelligence, self-awareness, EQ, to support your professional growth.
  • Assess and learn how to shift from a "fixed" to a "growth" mindset, supporting you to overcome obstacles with resilience and achieve success and business goals.
  • Identify your areas for improvementdeveloping a solid sense of empowerment.
  • Assess and self-manage beliefs, fears and stories, raising your self-confidence.
  • Practice Self-care rituals so you take care of yourself and don't burn out. 

Pilar 2: Lead, Engage, and Influence Others

The Mastermind empowers women to continuously develop their skills and knowledge while significantly impacting their work environment and families.

By investing in their personal and professional development, they enhance their expertise and teams and stay competitive in their chosen fields.

Our members learn to:

  • Communicate a strategic vision and influence high-performing teams to deliver on company goals. 
  • Reduce attrition by cultivating a "learning" culture and emotional well-being, providing constructive feedback proactively.
  • Coach and mentor team members, empowering them for success in their roles.
  • Develop strong communication and collaboration skills to achieve intended objectives.
  • Nurture an inclusive work environment where people love to work together.

Pilar 3: Execute with a Supportive Community

Our members experience the importance of being intentional and goal-driven while building a supportive community of like-minded individuals. They learn to create a supportive mentors, sponsors, and allies network.

By getting clear on the next steps and connecting with others who share their goals and aspirations, our members find encouragement, inspiration, and valuable connections that propel them forward.

At the Mastermind, you gain the skills to: 

  • Create a dynamic action plan and roadmap to achieve your short and long-term goals, guided by a compelling leadership vision.
  • Identify and nurture a Centers of Influence Network, which is essential to connecting with and gaining the support of champions willing to advocate on your behalf across the organization.
  • Advocate for sponsorship and mentorship opportunities. 
  • Build a supportive community that creates opportunities for collaboration and growth and provides a sense of belonging and that "you're not alone."
  • Gain support from a community of like-minded women, peers, and certified executive coaches.

A Sample of our Clients and Partners


Dr. Ginny A. Baro, PhD, MBA, MS, CPC

CEO at ExecutiveBound


After spending over 25 years navigating the complex corporate landscape and building a successful 20-year leadership career in financial services and technology, Dr. Ginny Baro started her own business in 2017. She began coaching executives and women in leadership roles in Fortune 500 companies to support them in growing, advancing, and becoming more impactful leaders.

What she noticed during her coaching and training sessions were clear “patterns.” It became apparent that female leaders were grappling with common challenges—lack of confidence, self-doubt, burnout, imposter syndrome, perfectionism, not knowing how to take their careers to the next level, and lack of informal networks, mentors, sponsors, etc. She was once there too. 

Driven by a deep passion for helping others succeed, Dr. Baro acknowledges the vital role of building confidence and assertiveness in career growth. Emphasizing the importance of having a solid support network, she partners with organizations to empower women and leaders to take charge of their professional lives through the Women's Fearless Leadership Mastermind. She leverages proven strategies, tools, and techniques she has applied successfully to help talented, underestimated women like you unleash their potential, claim a seat at the table, and create a fulfilling career and life without burning out, and with ample support.

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We are all about over-delivering and providing as much value as possible.

New members of our Mastermind automatically win valuable bonuses!

Our #1 Bestselling Books: Fearless Women at Work and Healing Leadership

Released in 2017 and 2021, you'll get to practice these strategies firsthand with the author herself, Dr. Ginny A. Baro.

VIP tickets to the Women Self-Care Summit 

Join our exclusive virtual event three times per year for women to restore, recharge, and replenish from the comfort of their homes (over $3K value)

Guest Spot in the Visionary Leaders Circle Podcast

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Ready to unleash your potential, claim your seat at the table, and create a fulfilling career with fearlessness (acting despite the fear)?


What can you can expect from the Women's Fearless Leadership Mastermind?


(OVER $35,000 IN VALUE)




  • 6 Months of Leadership Training every other week

  • 12 Zoom Mastermind Circles,  12 – 1 PM ET, 10-Women Cohort ($10,000 value)

  • 14.5 Hours of Online Leadership Training, Access 24/7  ($10, 000 value)

  • Downloadable Workbook, Tools & Assessments ($2,000 value)



  • 4 VIP Private Coaching Sessions with Your Executive Coach - ($2,500 value)

  • 6 Monthly Masterminds/Group Coaching after the 1st 6 Months ($5,000 value)



  • On-Demand Support, M – F for 12 months ($3,000 value)

  • Limited-Time BONUSES ($3,000 value)

  • Community & Accountability (invaluable)

  • Progress Reports, Certificate of Achievement

  • 100% Satisfaction or Your Tuition Back


  • BONUS #1 - 3 VIP tickets to the Women's Self-Care Summit
  • BONUS #2 – Visionary Leaders Circle Podcast Guest Interview and Visibility Coaching
  • BONUS #3 – Our #1 Bestselling e-Books, Healing Leadership & Fearless Women at Work
  • BONUS #4 – A 100 Meals Donation per Leader through Feeding America
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Before the Mastermind

  • Struggling with self-doubt, fear of failure, negative self-talk, perfectionism, and comparing yourself to others, or another version of this.
  • Confused about how to gain sponsors, mentors, and a support network.
  • Unclear about what's next and how to make it happen to grow and advance confidently. Not willing to bet and invest in  yourself.

After the Mastermind

  • Recognize and challenge negative self-beliefs. Explore techniques to manage anxiety and fear of failure.
  • JDI (Just do it!), take action, empower yourself to take risks, and step out of your comfort zone.
  • Gain the confidence, strategies, and roadmap to achieve your compelling career and leadershp vision. 

Now more than ever, it's essential to lead fearlessly and build your support network!

This mastermind will support you to create a rewarding and energizing 2024 and build your roadmap to get there confidently.

Join us for this risk-free, VIRTUAL leadership training, starting January 2024.

Plus, claim valuable BONUSES as a member of our empowering Mastermind community, including other high-achievers and your leadership coach.

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Meet Our Panel of Fearless Leadership Mastermind Graduates!

Celebrating the graduates of our Mastermind Program! Join us in expressing gratitude as we reflect on the incredible journey we've embarked on with a remarkable group of talented, driven, and inspiring women in business over the past seven years. Their wisdom is a treasure trove of powerful, moving, and invaluable insights. Don't miss out on this opportunity to take a peek and listen!

"There is nothing wrong with shining!" 


Our training is celebrated by...

Women Techmakers provides visibility, community, and resources for women in technology to help them grow, lead, and thrive. As a Women Techmakers Ambassador, Dr. Ginny A. Baro facilitates programs to elevate women in our community, provide professional development, and offer networking opportunities. 

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