The Personal Branding Masterclass


Learn the Exact Steps to Stand out and Prepare to Land Your Next Role Confidently Despite Today’s Economy

with Dr. Ginny A. Baro

  • Have you found yourself unemployed overnight and don't know WHAT to do next?

  • Do you keep getting passed over after interviewing for multiple roles and don't know WHY?

  • Do you want to advance in your current position but need help figuring out HOW to find new opportunities?


The rules of the game have changed. In today’s economy and competitive job market, we need to get smarter, learn new strategies, and play our cards wisely, or risk losing out on opportunities.

Competition for specific positions and senior-level roles is fierce and often unfair, with seasoned leaders getting overlooked for less experienced candidates who typically command lower salaries. Many talented professionals looking for opportunities are living with daily anxiety and fear of an uncertain future. You may be too! 

Today, you have a CHOICE to make. 

In this environment, you can choose to retool and stand out to keep moving forward in your career despite unfavorable conditions.

You have an opportunity to understand and leverage your strengths and unique value to be gainfully employed and have the impact you crave at work.

When you develop your personal brand, you become magnetic to the right employer and opportunities that fit you.

The alternative is to do nothing and stay in survival mode, hoping that things will change on their own-we don't recommend this path.

A more constructive and proactive alternative is to decide to understand your preferences and how to market your skills in this environment.

When you have a roadmap and exact steps to follow, you position yourself to pursue the right opportunities, leverage your network, and remove the uncertainty and overwhelm to make the most of your valuable time and forge ahead confidently.

In these defining moments, your actions NOW will determine how you will weather the storms you're going through.

What you choose to do can help you have some control over the opportunities and outcomes you'll create in the months to follow.

From where you stand, three factors can help you get through these unsettling times and come out on top.

  1. Clarity and understanding of where you stand now—your "Point A."
  2. Clarity and understanding of what you want in the future—your "Point B."
  3. A roadmap and the right tools to help you confidently get from Point A to Point B.

At ExecutiveBound, we've helped many leaders step into their next level of potential and life success as they navigate career transitions.

Walking beside you, we guide you to achieve meaninful career goals and lead your team to higher levels of performance and satisfaction.

All the successful leaders we support have one thing in common—they understand the importance of betting on themselves by investing in their future.


That is why we have a special invitation for you.

A Secret Weapon to Retool and Create a Compelling Personal Brand Employers Won’t Be Able to Ignore

The Personal Branding Masterclass...

Gives you a powerful and (almost) unfair advantage so you can stand out from the crowd and get to your Point B faster and more efficiently without the stress and anxiety you may be feeling now. 


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“As a result of working with Ginny, I earn a higher pay (which I negotiated), greater respect (for myself and given to me by my coworkers), and a happy, healthy work-life balance.”

Kristina S., Director of R&D

What You Will Get

In this masterclass, we'll focus on the following: 

Identify your Unique Value Proposition and craft an elevator pitch that sets you apart from the crowd.

Build an action plan and roadmap with the exact next steps you will take confidently.

Rewrite your resume to be impactful and update your LinkedIn profile to attract recruiters and hiring managers.

Strategize to target roles and companies, and grow your network while preparing for upcoming interviews and negotiating.

Meet Your Executive Coach

Dr. Ginny A. Baro, CEO, PhD, MBA, MS, CPC

"My Why today is to reach my full potential and to support my son, Kyle, and clients fulfill theirs."

Dr. Ginny A. Baro immigrated to the U.S. at age 14 with nothing more than a dream. Today, she is an award-winning international transformational speaker & leadership coach, career strategist, and #1 bestselling author of Healing Leadership and Fearless Women at Work. 

Named one of the Top 100 Global Thought Leaders, Dr. Baro has successfully delivered leadership training and coaching programs for Fortune 500 companies and keynotes impacting global audiences.

She has served as a leadership coach for McKinsey&Company's Hispanic/Latino Executive Leadership Program since 2021 and is the creator of The Fearless Leadership Mastermind™ program in 2020. She worked for over 25 years in technology and financial services and held leadership positions for over 20 years. Dr. Baro earned a Ph.D. in Information Systems, an MS in Computer Science, an MBA in Management, and a BA in Computer Science and Economics. She is a Certified Professional Coach (CPC) accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and is fluent in Spanish.

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Trusted by our Members and Fortune 500 Partners. Here's a sample.

ExecutiveBound is a trusted partner to Fortune 500 companies and members who receive tangible results from the same strategies we teach in the Personal Branding Masterclass.

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What will you say?


Together, this is how we do it!

(Over $9,000 value including BONUSES)

Interact with your coach to review your new resume and LinkedIn profile, including best practices to implement to connect with your network and put yourself out there confidently. 

The modules will be available to you as soon as you sign up. Learn on the go, anywhere, at your own pace, on any device! Refer to the curriculum below.

Get real-life practice and fast implementation with Hands-on Exercises and Professional Templates.

Got a question or feeling stuck? Don’t let that stop you. Reach out to your coach, Monday - Friday, 9 AM - 5 PM ET, to keep progressing. 

Email [email protected], and we'll respond within 24 - 48 hours or sooner. You may schedule additional private coaching sessions at a member discount of 35%. Ask your coach for the details.

Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. With your commitment and our step-by-step guidance, coaching, and support, we are confident this training will deliver results for you. However, if you are not satisfied with the program, email us by day 30 at [email protected], turn in your completed exercises, and we will take care of your tuition refund.


Feeding America helps people in need by providing millions of meals every year. For every new member of the Personal Branding Masterclass, we will donate  20 meals through Feeding America!



  • BONUS – Women's Fearless Leadership Masterclass Kick-off Program (Over $3K value)

  • BONUS - VIP Tickets to the World Self-Care Summit in March, June, and October '23 (Over $3K value)

  • BONUS - Guest Spot Interview at the Visionary Leaders Circle podcast (gain visibility for your personal brand)


Your Tuition Investment


Our Personal Branding Masterclass is worth over 9,000 USD.

But that is not what you will invest!

Learn how to attract your next opportunity and role with a magnetic resume, LinkedIn profile and proven interviewing and negotiation strategies with a flexible investment.

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RISK-FREE, SECURE payment, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

With your commitment and our step-by-step guidance, coaching, and support, we are confident this training will deliver results. However, if you are not satisfied with the program, email us by day 30 at [email protected], turn in your completed exercises, and we will take care of your tuition refund.



“Dr. Baro’s coaching helped me strengthen my leadership skills and confidence, building practices to apply to my daily life. The biggest impact for me has been gaining self-empowerment, self-motivation, and self-discipline."

Harmeet S., Scientist, Product Development Manager

“When I first met Ginny online I was just reaching out for career development and mentoring. However, as luck would have it, within a few weeks, I was let go from my job. While it was a potentially stressful time, I never felt that way. With Ginny's help and guidance, I remained calm, looked honestly at the company I left, evaluated my own true value proposition, and made strategic moves to find the type of positive work environment and a driven culture that better aligns with who I am."

Kristina S., Director of R&D

"Ginny helped me organize my thinking and priorities around my opportunity sets and helps me adopt better habits and mindset to pursue them successfully. She pushed me to get out of my comfort zone in ways that benefit my business, my clients, and me."

Will H., VP,  Impact Business Development, New York, NY

Online Modules Preview

Our online modules, combined with two VIP coaching sessions with your executive coach, will help you accelerate standing out and connecting with the right opportunities in a competitive job market.

This training is self-paced and could take as short as one to two weeks to complete or as long as two months or more. You go at your own pace, and we'll help you stay on track!

Here's what you'll learn throughout the curriculum, including two main modules and BONUS training:

Module 1: Identifying Your Personal Brand

  1. Overview & Learning Objectives
  2. What is Your Personal Brand?
  3. Strengthen Your Brand: Your Unique Value Proposition
  4. SURPRISE training!
  5. Clarify Your Preferences
  6. Align through a SWOT Analysis
  7. Validate the SWOT Analysis
  8. Create Your Personal Brand Action Plan

Module 2: Positioning Yourself Powerfully

  1. Overview & Learning Objectives
  2. Create Compelling Marketing Collateral - Quantify Your Accomplishments
  3. Create Compelling Marketing Collateral - Revamp Your Resume
  4. Create Compelling Marketing Collateral - Overhaul Your LinkedIn Profile
  5. Target Roles and Companies
  6. Get the Word Out
  7. Prepare for The Interview: Your Compelling Stories
  8. SURPRISE training!
  9. Develop Your Interviewing Skills
  10. Time to Negotiate!

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