The Fearless Leadership Mastermind

Learn the #1 Success Secret for Building a Competitive Edge and Becoming the Essential, Highly Impactful Leader You Are Meant to Be

with Dr. Ginny A. Baro

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  • Are you looking to retool to lead, engage, and influence your talent during these times of high uncertainty?

  • Are you and your team feeling stressed and need strategies to manage through the uncertainty and challenges in a hybrid workplace?

  • Are you feeling restless about  the instability of your current position and unsure about the future?

  • Do you feel like the rug just got pulled out from under your feet and now you need a Plan B for your career?


    As a Leader, you face challenges that require a new level of self-awareness and tools to navigate a highly volatile workplace. 

    How will you prepare to be the best leader you can be during this time? 

    Hi, I'm Dr. Ginny A. Baro. I have been helping leaders like you navigate troubled waters, leading their teams confidently while shifting and adapting to a complex workplace and volatile economy.

    And I know what it is like to be trying to keep your head above the water, figuring out your next step, and even forgetting to take care of your well-being and self-development as a leader.

    I know what it is like to be in your shoes… but every time I had to sail through a crisis, I realized a key factor that changed everything.

    In uncertain times, being equipped to be proactive rather than reactive and remaining confident in your skills proves to be fundamental to making yourself an even more significant and essential asset to your organization.

    Knowing how to communicate and set clear direction and expectations for your team while keeping them engaged from afar requires a new set of tools from every leader. Now, more than ever, you need to rely on the critical leadership skills required to maintain a heathy, high-performing, crisis-proof team.

    Perhaps you've never really expected to lead a hybrid team and support their well-being to deliver business results.

    Perhaps you’ve never really expected to have to deal with skill displacement and job cuts.

    Or maybe you are ready for your next level, looking for a new opportunity within your company or outside, and don't know what to do.

    So, what is the one thing that changes everything? What allows you to lead yourself and your team confidently through rocky terrain?

    The answer: investing in your self-development. Overlooking this key factor is a big mistake. A successful leader needs a plan to get from A to B and gets there without being in constant survival mode - even when circumstances are less than favorable.

    "Continuous learning in the workplace must become the new norm if individuals and organizations want to stay ahead."

    McKinsey & Co.

    You might be thinking...

    "I already have a lot on my plate. I don't have the time to focus on myself!"

    "I don't know what tomorrow holds and how I can get through this."

    "I'm out of options and reached the end of my skill set. I don't have a Plan B."

    The truth is, overcoming those hurdles is incredibly hard—if not impossible—unless you retool and develop the growth mindset, access the right tools and proven strategies paired with insightful coaching and guidance.

    With that in mind, we created the Fearless Leadership Mastermind™.


A Better Leader in Only 6 Months (Absolutely!)

Get the strategies, tactics, and confidence to retool as a leader and develop an irresistible leadership edge that will serve you in any market.

Our proven leadership training with Dr. Ginny A. Baro is designed to help you transform into a confident, results and growth-driven, capable leader, without feeling overwhelmed.

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Our next intimate cohort of leaders starts in September 2022!

Registration opens July 2022 and closes September 2022, or when the virtual seats fill up, whichever one comes first.

This leadership training is for you only if:

  • You are ready to retool and want a clear, actionable roadmap to take the following steps and get from where you are to where you want to be as a leader.
  • You want to gain confidence and tap into your strengths to position your career and goals and align them with your organization's.
  • You know it's time to step up your skill set to grow your career and deliver meaningful results by developing crisis-proof leadership competencies.
  • You are a leader ready to retool in how you influence, workplace well-being, open communication, relationship building with stakeholders, and conflict management in your team.
  • You are ready to make the most out of a new hybrid workplace and take advantage of this period to gain new valuable skills.

This training is not for you if: 

  • You are looking for a “silver bullet” and aren’t willing to do the work or be honest with yourself.
  • You expect to get results without engaging with the online training and Mastermind Circles with your coach and peers.
  • You are judgmental and will bring a negative attitude to the Mastermind Circles.
  • You are not willing to take direction and try new things to improve.

A Proven Leadership Coaching Model for Individuals and Corporate Members

Our proven framework delivers for our partners and Fortune 500 members. And it will help you improve on what you are already doing, help your team innovate, become better leaders, and move ahead by providing a turnkey solution with a significant ROI, accountability, and scalable investment. 

“As a result of working with Ginny, I earn a higher pay (which I negotiated), greater respect (for myself and given to me by my coworkers), and a happy, healthy work-life balance.

"At the end of this course, I just feel such an overwhelming love and appreciation for the gift of Ginny. The energy, sincerity, and wisdom of her course has been transformative for me in so many powerful ways!"

Kristina S., Director of R&D



Mindfulness practices to improve your focus, productivity, motivation, and develop a growth mindset that supports your leadership goals and objectives.


Tools to enhance performance and teamwork, leveraging your strengths, personal brand, and potential as an impactful and inclusive leader.


Laser coaching and mentoring in an energizing environment to develop leadership competencies with confidence, shift limitations, and increase your influence.


Proven techniques to raise your emotional intelligence, coach, mentor, and retain cohesive teams, and expand your network of allies, sponsors, and mentors.


Strategies to enhance your visibility, empathy, lead, engage, collaborate, and communicate persuasively and powerfully.


A clear roadmap and next steps to achieve meaningful leadership goals aligned with a compelling vision that moves your career and organization forward.


Dr. Ginny A. Baro

Entrepreneur, CEO, Founder, Award-Winning Motivational Speaker & Leadership Coach, Career Strategist, #1 Bestselling Author of Fearless Women at Work


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I specialize in helping organizations develop inclusive, impactful leaders and partner with individuals navigating a corporate hierarchy or transitioning into a new career phase.

I have successfully facilitated leadership training and coaching programs for individuals and Fortune 500 partners and delivered keynotes impacting global audiences. It would be my honor to be your coach and journey partner too!

"Ginny, I wanted to thank you again for the Mastermind session today. Your ability to inspire others, to make one really 'peel back the onion,' and to question what we really 'tell' ourselves is simply amazing. You make me want to be a better person and a better leader. You have made me question so many of the negative narratives I had about myself and develop a new story for what I have been through (yes!). I am more mindful than I have ever been, and this has allowed me to regain the lost confidence that will enable me to bring my highest self to the situations and people I encounter every day. I am a better person because of your influence and your strategies. Thank you, thank you." Kecia, Fearless Leadership Mastermind member '22

"The Fearless Leadership Mastermind program has been a personal and professional game-changer for me! Now I have more tools to continue to grow as a leader, to build mutually beneficial relationships, and take care of myself, my team, and the people I care about. I don’t know how I would have learned all that the program teaches, and how long it would have taken me to learn it on my own. All I know is that I am so thankful I joined the Mastermind and for all the support that we gave each other and continue to experience through our network"




Join weekly Zoom video sessions to engage with your leadership coach and tap into the insights of a support network of impactful, inspiring leaders and experts in the industry.

Get help with your specific challenges and stay motivated. (We meet Wednesdays, 12-1 pm EST, subject to change with advanced notice.)

Get instant access to 14.5 hours of training, hands-on tools, and strategies to propel your leadership skills, reduce stress, and improve your well-being.

Learn from your home couch, from your office space, on your lunch break, or on the go with our convenient mobile-friendly video modules.

Create and validate your roadmap and massive action plan with the feedback and insights from your executive and leadership coach.

Enjoy peace of mind with a clear, measurable plan to pursue your goals, build your edge, and increase your influence, impact, and well-being. 

Learn how to overcome limitations and get a clear picture of your overall strengths and personality traits with complimentary DISC and Myers Briggs (MBTI) behavioral & personality assessments.

Expand and reinforce what you’ve learned with our downloadable workbook full of fundamental tools and exercises.

 Stay motivated and get answers to your pressing questions and concerns even outside of scheduled coaching sessions.

Ask your questions M-F, 9 - 5 PM EST and stay accountable, motivated & in momentum.

If you are not making progress in the first 30 days of the program, return the completed exercises and request a 100% tuition refund.

No one should go hungry during the COVID-19 pandemic. With school closures, job disruptions, and health risks, millions of Americans will turn to food banks for much-needed support. They can't do it alone and we can help.

For every member who joins the Fearless Leadership Mastermind, Dr. Ginny Baro wil donate 1,000 meals on your behalf through Feeding America.


  • BONUS – Personal Branding Masterclass (see below--over $9,000 value)
  • BONUS – Virtual Fearless Leaders Self-Care Retreats (over $2,500 value)
  • BONUS – Visionary Leaders Circle Podcast Guest Interview
  • BONUS – Our #1 Bestselling Books: Healing Leadership & Fearless Women at Work
  • BONUS – Premium Savings on Special Events
  • BONUS – A Donation of 100 Meals per Leader through Feeding America



(OVER $9,000 VALUE)

Get FREE access to our Personal Branding Masterclass online, while seats last, and learn how to:

Develop your personal brand

Position yourself effectively

Upscale your resume

Revamp your LinkedIn profile

Expand your network

Articulate your strengths and value

Grow as an expert in your field


Our Leadership Development Program bundle (including the Fearless Leadership Mastermind and bonuses) is worth over 30,000 USD. But that is not what you will invest! 

You can start with a total one-time investment of only 6,997 USD or choose the convenient monthly investment option:




RISK-FREE, SECURE Payment, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

With your commitment and our step-by-step guidance, coaching, and support, we are confident this training will bring you results. However, if after 30 days you are not satisfied with the program, email us by day 30 at [email protected], turn in your completed exercises, and we will take care of your tuition refund.

Are you worth it? We believe you are!

Our proven coaching model has delivered tangible results, based on 30 years in the industry, over two decades of practical leadership experience, high-performance results, best practices, and in-depth research.



“Dr. Baro’s coaching helped me strengthen my leadership skills and confidence, building practices to apply to my daily life. The biggest impact for me has been gaining self-empowerment, self-motivation, and self-discipline."

Harmeet S.

Scientist, Product Development Manager

“The Fearless Leadership Mastermind gave me the ability to harness my Unique Value Proposition and leadership competencies, increasing my self-confidence, authenticity, and a sense of purpose. This program offers great value in a safe, supportive environment. I would highly recommend it to my colleagues and friends.”

Johnna G.

Business Excellence Program Manager, Verizon 


"We are finally seeing members of our group having the means and the courage to go for the next step in their careers. The key benefits were clear; simple to use tools, clear, actionable steps, and plenty of follow up support to help put it all into action.”

Laura J.

Director, Pharmaceuticals

This is what Kristy finds valuable about the tools!


“I can't say enough about the structure and confidence she [Ginny] provided as I not only found a new job, but I also changed industries during a pandemic!”

Leanne, Sr. Analyst, PepsiCo

"I coached with Ginny to refine my management skills and work towards my next promotion. Together, I learned how to manage my team with a more thoughtful approach resulting in more open communication and effectiveness. With Ginny’s guidance, I got really clear on how to align my personal and professional life and gained many great tools and ideas on how to pursue all my passions together with a solid plan to increase my income. I’ve learned time management and how to apply these skills to always be productive while taking care of myself."

Caroline B.

Customer Service & Operations Leader

Before you can help others, you must first put the oxygen mask on yourself. 

Gain the capabilities to be at your best and lead fearlessly no matter the circumstances surrounding you. Become an essential asset to your current organization or have the confidence to lay out your next steps and find a new position. 

Ready to Up-Level Your Leadership Skills

and Build Your Competitive Edge? 

Make a decision today to get out of survival mode and lead bravely so you can position yourself to get ahead and thrive even amidst uncertainty and crisis.

Enroll today in The Fearless Leadership Mastermind™ and get immediate access to all the tools, training, and support that will take you to the next level of success and fulfillment in your career.

"I highly recommend the Fearless Leadership Mastermind program. It is useful for anyone who wants to grow both professionally and personally. I participated in this training to expand my resources and tools to advance my career, challenge my perception, and ultimately make me a better leader. I was able to walk away with a better understanding of exactly what skills I have, which areas I want to improve, and how I can use both to my advantage. It should be required training for anyone who is overseeing even one individual. It offers high quality, hands-on support from Dr. Ginny, on-demand leadership training modules, weekly Mastermind circles, and weekly training prompts to help me stay on track. Between the content of the modules, the tools, and coaching, the value is enormous."

Aleta Maxwell, Leadership Coach,
Principal & Founder at

You are empowered!


Program Modules Overview

The 7 online training modules included with your program, along with our weekly virtual mastermind circles, are part of our proven framework. As a member, we will help you build your edge by leveraging your unique strengths, identifying any gaps, and gaining the skills to become a more confident, impactful, and engaging leader, without losing focus on your well-being.

Here’s what you will learn:

  • Module 1: Building the foundation for being a fearless leader
  • Module 2: Connect to your truth and purpose as a leader
  • Module 3: Align what you want and where you are as a leader
  • Module 4: Rise above your real and fictitious challenges as a leader 
  • Module 5: Envision the future you desire as a leader
  • Module 6: Seek support and serve others on your leadership journey
  • Module 7: Applying C.A.R.E.S. Leadership Success System every day



Founder at

“Starting in 2020, one of my goals was to deepen my understanding of leadership, having had no formal leadership training. I had gaps that I was struggling to figure out and fill. This training closed those gaps and gave me the map to get there. I wanted to understand what characteristics make great leaders, clarify how I showed up as a leader, and gather additional skills that could help me be a better supporter and amplifier. The Fearless Leadership Mastermind and Ginny helped me understand these qualities better, how they benefit me, others, how I can help others recognize the same in themselves, and how we can use them most effectively to achieve success. This program provides quality and effective content, ease of use, learning from the group coaching, support from powerful team members, and longevity of the material. This type of growth is holistic and impacts many areas of my life, not only my career. There is no replacement for the combination of training and coaching together. This program was so much more than what I have experienced in other training. I highly recommend it.”

Your Company May Be Able to Sponsor You...

Are you a high-potential, high-performing leader?

Consider proposing to your organization to sponsor your tuition for this leadership development program either fully or partially. Many companies allocate a pool of discretionary funds for training and professional development.

Not sure how to ask?

Download the brochure with the information about this comprehensive 12-month leadership training.

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How does this work, and how do I know this is for me?

Our leaders' demographic spans across STEM, life-sciences, finance, business, law, and cross-disciplinary environments.

Our program supports the specific leadership development goals of busy and talented entry-level to senior-level leaders in managerial or project management roles and those in a C-suite track.

You are a good fit if you are high-performing, high-potential leader committed and driven to engage actively in the group coaching and discussions, the online leadership training modules, workbook exercises, and willing to share resources and contribute to your peers throughout the program. Everyone in this training will be ready to do the same for you and provide the support that you need to continue to make progress consistently to fulfill your most cherished outcomes and goals.

Click one of the registration buttons on this page to register while seats last. Then choose one of the convenient investment options. You'll have the opportunity to make a secure payment online and get a receipt via email. If you need an invoice, please email your request with the name, email, company name [if applicable], and the address that should appear on the invoice to [email protected] 

he Fearless Leadership Mastermind is a 12-month program, including 6 months of weekly, one-hour mastermind, group coaching sessions, and online training, and 6-months of monthly one-hour group coaching & check-ins, accountability with peers to build and maintain the momentum while implementing.

Behavioral change occurs over time, with practice and the right support structure to handle setbacks and accelerate growth. All members earn lifetime membership to our private ExecutiveBound community.

After registering, you will receive a physical and electronic Welcome Packet with instructions on how to join our members-only online learning portal and community. All training materials, the personalized Workbook, learning modules, videos, transcripts, and community are mobile-friendly and accessible on-demand, 24/7, from anywhere with internet connectivity.

Once a week for the first six months, we will meet virtually for one hour over warm Zoom video, typically from 12 - 1 PM EST (on the same day each week for your cohortort), for a total of 24 sessions (except on U.S. holidays).

After you register, you'll receive a calendar invitation for the Weekly Mastermind Circles. Our weekly Training Prompt emails help you stay on track and engaged.

After the first six months, you'll receive an invitation to join the monthly Visionary Leaders Circle, including check-ins and group coaching in a supportive, high-energy environment.

For the first 6 months, the commitment includes a total of 38.5 hours, including 24 weekly, one-hr Mastermind Circles, engaging with the 14.5 hours of leadership training modules, plus working on the tools and exercises--which vary from leader to leader. On average, leaders should expect to invest under one hour per week for the first 16 weeks (4 months) to complete the online training—they set the pace. After the first 6 months, they'll commit one hour per month or a total of 6 hours. They will have the option to seek additional support included in the investment. From day one, we guide our members to plan and prioritize their leadership development effectively while considering all professional and personal obligations.

Yes, we know our leaders may not be able to make every single weekly Mastermind Circle or monthly check-in. We anticipate that every member will strive to attend. However, when they can't make it, they can submit questions to [email protected] and receive responses.

All members of the cohort can access their private Mastermind Recording Archive to view replays.

Typically, organizations have a pool of discretionary funds allocated for training and professional development. You can request sponsorship following your internal process, which varies by employer. It is important to indicate how this training will help you develop leadership skills that will improve your performance, the impact on your organization, and your well-being. 

As a point of reference, you may use our PDF brochure to share the benefits of this training. You can request our brochure using the form above. 

The fastest way to get answers to your questions is via email. Let us know what you have in mind by emailing [email protected]


To schedule a time to speak with Ginny that is convenient with your schedule, please use the form below to access her online calendar.

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